Everyday our digital minds are shaped with unlimited flux of informations and social practices that we need to understand better to make bright choices based on right sources of knowledge.

The capacity to gather, critically analyze large volume of information and map them is crucial.

By retaking power over informational contents with our analysis and reports, main actors have the opportunity to adapt to new challenges and face the opportunities, impacts and risks raised by technologies.



Julie Debaveye is a social researcher and a consultant in science and technology policy (privacy, security, access). She owns a Ph.D in Technology of Information and Communication (ICTs) with a specialization in Social Studies of Sciences (SSS), new media expertise, social creativity and new collaborative processes.

Her researches focus on the emergent forms of expertise and on new ways to produce online information collaboratively in social networks during controversies by coalitions and online communities.

With emerging method and methodological toolbox combining data mining, statistics, clustering, machine learning and qualitative explorations of open empirical data (see Debaveye, 2012), she offers to improve the paradigms of science & technology policies and regulatory frameworks.

Her comprehensive findings unveil the interdependent relationships shaped and influenced by personal, social dynamics and by contextual conditions within the collaborative networks of public and private spheres.

Her work aims at revealing the impact of financial capitalism and technologies on society to put an end to the perpetuation of established relations of domination.