I am a consultant at Own Your Mind, Lyon. My research uses empirical and econometric methods to explore the economic and social implications of technology.

I believe in technology as a force for positive economic change, so I am interested in investigating the economic implications of technology platforms for traditionally disadvantaged populations.

I have interest for multidisciplinary approaches integrating better social and human sciences to emergent technologies and technological appropriations in data ethics and data privacy.



Ph.D., 2012



Own Your Mind provides original research, insights and writings about AI bias, algorithmic oppression, privacy online & data protection.

We aim at debunking the omniscience of the scientific godtrick with hybrid knowledges mixing the technological AND the organic components, the living organisms with the cyborgs.

We question the dominance of online relationships, focusing on the unofficial and unacknowledged sides of human life, relinking digital minds with culture, decoding technology and cognition.

Our differential data policies in language and politics are constructed on definitions of the beyond that overpass the dichotomy between Nature/Culture, Natural/Human or Nature/History.

We acknowledge that the products of Man have the limits of their own conceptive nature.