«Avec lui, l’illimité entre dans notre poitrine. Par lui, nous respirons cosmiquement, loin des angoisses humaines.» (Bachelard, 1957)


We have now reached a critical state in which the potential for information critical awareness and open education is undermined by political manipulation, financial narratives, software industry tyranny and secret weapons used to track and silent citizens.

We offer to fight the stealing of online identities and impersonations on Twitter by agents of desinformation who spread lies and defamation, destroy trust and love, & prevent people from sharing and accessing flux of knowledges, unbiased news and scientific contents, damaging our digital cultures and values.

It is now crucial to access qualitative views of informed knowledge to identify contagious news biased with the interests, perspectives and views of the great Order. Informations makers are being put on lists, repressed and silented, vulnerable groups more exposed as never to frauds, thieves and abuses. Maybe we were called to disappear to be born again, better and stronger. If you wish to make a change, join us.