Anonymity on Twitter

Social networks have been described as places for tracking militants and dissidents and it is true that sometimes the propagation of information contribute to make posts more visible.
But even if you cannot avoid the risks, there are ways you can make things more difficult for surveillance.

First you have to create a secured pseudonym linked with a secured email adress separate from your civic adress. You will have to be cautious about never using this adress for buying online or register on any website.
When you choose a pseudonym, do never use things that can identify you as your name or home town but rather a name that can help your community to identify you like Polar bear.
If you think it’s burnt, do all the process again.
But do never give your pseudonym to anyone.

You might connect via a vpn or a secured connexion for doing so. A secured connexion is not a public wifi connexion and you can also make sure you have unstable ip adresses as it makes things more obscure for surveillants. You’re more than welcome to not use a GPS.

Once it’s done, you might be sure to deactivate any localization features on your posts and do never use your social media accounts with public wifi or through any app or with GPS either.
You don’t use your Twitter account for any other activity.

When you post, don’t give any geolocalization info about yourself or either crowds around you.

Be accurate.
Just comment about events and facts.
Don’t give too much info that will allow to identify anyone or place.

If you have to make pictures or vids, anonymize them or screen it from behind. If you have to post them online, don’t do it from a sensitive place. I would recommend doing it only in case of emergency.

When using hashtags, make sure you are addressing the right audience.
Don’t use hypervisible hashtags on things you don’t want to be seen by everyone.
Use hyperbolic or parodic language.

Avoid apps by all means!!

Be cautious with followees. Some might be undercovered or people collaborating with police.

Don’t follow back and don’t count on them to help you in case of troubles.

Oh, also use Tor at your own perils because we’re not sure it’s safe…

This list is not exhaustive. Let me know if you have some add-ons.

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