Soros lobbying at Brussels

In the serie, the guys who think that because they are multi-millionaires they can buy everything. Preparing the ground for the european elections of 2019 : list of the 226 MEPs being allies of the Open Society

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Societies of desinformation : how financial capitalism narratives serving Palantir’s interests might ruin the world


[PART 3] The financial capitalism of Palantir is an economic structure that might be questionned and challenged for maintaining unbalanced relations of power with deep asymetries based on societies of desinformation and unequal distributions of wealth, resources and access in networks. The implication of news producers, news rooms and political leaders…

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Escaping the internet in hard times

  With the increase of automated decision-making and technocratic procedures, the WWW – or KKK? – has become a place of nightmare and madness for the most vulnerable communities due to the power concentration in hands of corporations and agencies. With the normalization of procedural violence and the rationalization of…

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