What is a transformative design research framework?

A transformative mixed methods design framework is the use of a qualitative method to complement, explore or augment the quantitative method.    A transformative mixed methods design combines qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and interpretation.   The researcher mixes diverse forms of data as participant observation, narratives or ethnography…

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Disclosure of rich information to ignorant audiences

The problem of disclosing rich information when conducting research inquiries without knowing. When I wrote my PhD dissertation about new media activist expertise and emergent political forms of communication from mobs (2012b) as an insider, I knew I had valuable information and insights to deliver to my audience, notably the…

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La régulation de l’industrie de la cybersécurité contre le cyberterrorisme

Il faut réguler l’industrie de la sécurité pour mettre un terme à la surveillance abusive des populations et des personnes et faire cesser les attaques contre les personnes. Ces pratiques enfreignent impunément la Convention Européenne des Droits de l’Homme au profit du cyberterrorisme. Les grandes firmes de sécurité (Palantir, Google,…

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The US government wants to use social media platforms for the surveillance of non US citizens

  Why you should stop using social media : The US government’ plans to use Facebook, Twitter and Google for the surveillance and political targeting of non US citizens Following my precedent post about social media that was questioning a dissymetry of access and powers in between users, and specifically…

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A modern disease : the social impact of the criminalization of women thinking

The Social Impact of the Criminalization of Women’s Thinking :     Investigative journalists, critical academics, female activists, intellectuals and political leaders under a hail of bullets   This analysis based on the observation of the systemic and structural violence against women generated by State and institutions aims at showing…

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Societies of desinformation : how narratives of financial corruption serving US sovereignity might ruin the world


[PART 3] The narratives of financial corruption and money laundering spread by powerful networks as Palantir for the account of corrupted states build the infrastructure of a corrupted economy that might be questionned and challenged for maintaining centralized relations of power with deep asymetries. These narratives produce societies of desinformation…

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