A modern disease : the social impact of the criminalization of women thinking

The Social Impact of the Criminalization of Women’s Thinking :     Investigative journalists, critical academics, female activists, intellectuals and political leaders under a hail of bullets   This analysis based on the observation of the systemic and structural violence against women generated by State and institutions aims at showing…

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Societies of desinformation : how narratives of financial corruption serving US sovereignity might ruin the world


[PART 3] The narratives of financial corruption and money laundering spread by powerful networks as Palantir for the account of corrupted states build the infrastructure of a corrupted economy that might be questionned and challenged for maintaining centralized relations of power with deep asymetries. These narratives produce societies of desinformation…

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How algorithms bias on Twitter favor media concentration, monopolies and manipulation

Algorithm bias excluding significant amounts of qualitative information, at the expense of creative alternative contents, and influencing public opinion   I write this post to underline how processes of social discrimination are actually activated via the use of encrypted codes and obscure algorithms by Twitter and how it affects deeply…

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A conversation between friends lead to further reflection on state violence

  During my ethnographic cycling project around Scandinavia this summer, I met C., an Iranian political refugee who also is a documentary maker. After being jailed because of his activities in Iran, he left for Istanbul where he applied for the Refugees Immigration UN Program and he is now resident of…

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