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The shadowy relationships between EU institutionnals, US lawmakers and the Code Industry

When I started to develop my business as a owner, I have been reaching to find informations about the way to protect set of ideas, arrimage of concepts, methodology design and data collection and analysis I have produced through my academic research from competitors’ thieves and frauds and there wasn’t. In France, the INPI in…
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The corruption in the tech industry and the notorious networks of collusion with the mafia

Part 3 How the tech industry has become a web of collusion and corruption playing with all the mafia from the world (Will be keeping updated!) with the complicity of accounting firms. Since many years it has been obvious for many observers that tech industry doesn’t follow the rules of the legal free market as…
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Ethique des données en ligne et protection des utilisateurs

Une lecture du rapport du NDG, dans le cadre du Réglement Européen sur la Protection des Données (RGPD), qui établit les principales recommandations.   Après la publication du rapport établi par la commissaire du NDG (National Data Guardian for Health and Care) en janvier 2018, j’ai procédé à une lecture attentive des recommandations émises par…
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