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Google the beast

At the time when authorities and media are denouncing Google’s silencing practices over their employees, it is necessary to remind that Google has no administrative authority so we don’t really need the employees’ knowledge to kill Google, the beast. Law … Continue reading

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Radiography of an AI

The antic Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has moved into the cloud and colonized every spaces of the beyond, from waters to skies, with wireless and waves technologies that they call “emergent” or “transformative”. Thus the AI industry is now almost … Continue reading

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La régulation de l’industrie de la cybersécurité contre le cyberterrorisme

Il faut réguler l’industrie de la sécurité pour mettre un terme à la surveillance abusive des populations et des personnes et faire cesser les attaques contre les personnes. Ces pratiques enfreignent impunément la Convention Européenne des Droits de l’Homme au … Continue reading

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The Matrix scenario : mindless minds

During my years as a PhD researcher and then class A researcher, I noted that the law of privacy is in essence discriminative and biased against private individuals when confronted with interferences from financial networks. In a claim for efficiency, … Continue reading

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