Mon travail d’investigation est terminé. J’ai quitté mon personnage et je profite du soleil de Barcelone. La manipulation des données se répand chaque jour davantage, passant par tous les types de médias et canaux de communication grâce à l’asservissement d’une multitude d’agents. Il est urgent d’agir et de trouver les…

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Radiography of an AI

The antic Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has moved into the cloud and colonized every spaces of the beyond, from waters to skies, with wireless and waves technologies that they call “emergent” or “transformative”. Thus the AI industry is now almost 100% colonized by mafia, bots and corrupted agents. Let’s be…

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Societies of desinformation : how narratives of financial corruption serving US sovereignity might ruin the world


[PART 3] The narratives of financial corruption and money laundering spread by powerful networks as Palantir for the account of corrupted states build the infrastructure of a corrupted economy that might be questionned and challenged for maintaining centralized relations of power with deep asymetries. These narratives produce societies of desinformation…

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