Escaping the internet to survive

The WWW – KKK? – has become a place of nightmare, a place for madness and coercion with ever increasing power concentration, data frauds and thieves. Even some big leaders are considering AI a threat for humanity. Big companies are the only ones who took advantage of the blurring borders between reality and virtuality allowed by technologies.

The time when technologies used to serve for people’s emancipation – the time where in the interstitial between the real and virtual world, there had a chance for a better world – is compromised. The internet has been colonized and Corporations and big companies are dedicating themselves to steal the life of the people by taking away their identities, their earnings, their love, their memories and their time. Even State and international agencies are colluding to reinforce monopolies and to give the ownership of territories to market.


It has been proven that even for tech workers, and especially for women, disabled, people of color or pertaining to ethnic and cultural minorities, tech market is for many an exploitative field that is not that far from remembering us the post-war taylorism with the differentiation between an oligarchy that amasses all profits with filters and algorithms and workers from the basis who don’t get a penny. It also prevails through the dichotomy opposing small business owners and big (american) corps.

Say good bye to equity.

After considering to build a counter-culture in mass media to oppose powers by denouncing and telling truths, I have come to terms with the idea. Not because of its lack of realism, so-called romanticism (what is romanticized in the fight for survival?) or lack of praticability (it would totally work in practice) but because of the increasing amount of abuses and crimes perpetuated by whose in power who extended the scope of their control over information.

Say good bye to freedom of thought.

The end of the net neutrality officially signed the beginning of an era where superpowers and megacorps are going to increase their control on information by filtering news i.e censure of the internet (words, ideas, concepts), data manipulating, private and sensitive data surveillance and bandwidth throttling (buzzering or disconnecting), making the people the prey for escalation or piracy via cookies, FAI/apps and censor surveillance or hijacks.

Also what tech companies do is what I call the Apple systemism based on networks of collusion. It means that when you use a product developed by a company part of a consortium, say Microsoft, you’ll have to use the services and products developed by « rivals », like Google, with whom they collude to hold monopolies if not they will make the product dysfunctional, incompatible or unusable.

Say good bye to freedom of choice.

A European user should skip all over american products to privilege local services and products.

But this is not all as organizations in charge with the protection of citizens also transmit citizens’ sensitive data held in private database to third parties and big US corps or expose them to data breach without informing the users. And I think the sent of databases of several years to entities who have no capabilities neither wills with data ethics is the most massive hack of History.

Say good bye to health and privacy.

Citizens won’t have to pay in the future to acquire a service or product but to pay to protect themselves from thieves and frauds. I actually started to write a fiction about this world last year and it’s already starting to come to reality now so times are counted.

Say good bye to safety.


What is is to remain into the hands of the people ?

There is no other way for the people under technological oppression to survive this coercive powers than by escaping and by significantly reducing the parts of their commitment, refusing to sign dead end contracts. This is the way we will have to live in the future : taking back control over private data and our personal use of the free internet.

Escapism is not a defeat. It’s not a run away. It’s a way to protect oneself from further abuse. Escapism is not a call for some bourgoise conceptions of privacy, it’s neither a resignation to the ideal of a living together. It’s an act of rebellion CONTESTING the effects of the real on people’s lives and will.

By escaping this hyper virtualization, people can deal with the condition of the human being who cannot be open to the world as it wishes to be. As technologies have become a space for governance into the hands of one man (a group of men) or a space for the practices of celebrity, the other people have become expatriated from their own land.

Escapism is not denying the potential of technology for democracy but acknowledging that the internet has to be avoided because it became a place for threats to human life and self-preservation. Still escapism remains embodied through the myriad of acts we do for hiding away and through practices of vigilance against whose who abuse of their power. The mere act of refusing to take part to the real is a political act.

Then we could hope that in their run, some people join hands and become friends and lovers.


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