Captain Marvel story as a metaphor for cache peering

By Julie Debaveye

Following capture by skrull Rogue, Captain Marvel has lost access to the emotional bonds linked to her memories due to the inability of her peers to restaure a back up.

CAPTAIN MARVEL – Escaping Skrulls from Federico D’Alessandro on Vimeo.

After having been abducted several times by attackers and escaped the skrulls, Carol’s mind has become a tabula rasa when power-absorbing mutant Rogue has drained her memories.

Telepath Charles Xavier has successfully managed to restore her memories, however he could not return the original emotional state (data uniqueness) associated with those memories (seemingly failing to save data and access the cache).

Despite Carol having lost all the powers attributed to Ms Marvel’s abilities, her body remains in the appearance of a super-hero. She’s also experiencing inconsistencies in her mind due to the bad integration of imported data into existing data that cause resistance.

Knowing that she has become a different person without the memories of the past, she tries to reintegrate her mind by deleting all of her past personnel files from the central data banks during an investigation of the Pentagon with the X-Men, as she’s in search of her new soul.

She has also deleted all the X-Men files.

In the future, she will morph into a sort of cyborg that thanks to her psychic resilience will finally be able to upload and integrate new informations and data to fly back into space.

To resume, online multi-players games might integrate better resilience to database failures in processes of database caching to avoid loss of the original data, corruption of online identities or hard expenses.

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