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My position is not ‘counter’-terrorism because I am wondering counter what? In a situation where it is not very clear who is the terrorist organization in-between a corrupted state at the orders of criminal mafias assassinating populations and local populations with illegally funded militias, whose trying to merely save their lives like it’s been the case in Syria or Yemen, legitimate violence (Debaveye, 2012) and terrorism, there is a huge gap.

In spite of many authoritative speeches, taking thousands of lives in unjustified wars in which no rules are obeyed is not a good justification to the ways our governments are acting on the battlefield. We lack the credible sources to convince us that the governments actions are for the good. We observe a deficiency of historical paths allowing to determine the social dynamics leading to their actions.

Air strikes target as often random citizens than terrorists and destroy local goods, civic facilities and infrastructures that are long to reconstruct. 400 000 Syrians including 115 000 civilians, 22 000 children and 13 000 women (« only » 67 000 were actual jihadists) and 100 000 Yemeni have died in war. In Syria or Yemen, more innocent lives have been taken than jihadists’ lives — if at least they were proper jihadists as we could not verify the classified informations per causa of so-called ‘national security’ or ‘critical threat’.

Abuses by forces of arms are common. In Yemen, according to report by the media center of Southern province, 212 crimes have been perpetrated in the last two months. The crimes range from assassinations, arrests, looting state funds and property, organized extortion by force of arms in checkpoints and public roads, war crimes, raids on houses and shops and kidnapping of citizens : ‘The crimes of blackmail by force of arms ranked third with 23, at a rate of 10.8%, and armed clashes came fourth with 21, at a rate of 9.4% of the total number of recorded crimes’. The report states that ‘assassinations ranked first with 32 crimes, at a rate of 15.1%, followed by attacks on unarmed civilians by pro-aggression militias with 27 crimes, at a rate of 12.7%’. In Iran, the target killing of top scientists in the last decade by Israel occur more often than not. We seem to observe a naturalization of such crimes in the name of ‘peace’.

Ceased-fired and peace agreements are regularly broken by internationally backed-up abusive powers as Saudi Arabia or US forces, in violation of the law.

The Taliban claimed that Americans have launched attacks on Helmand province off the battlefield, killing 18 civilians including Taliban fighters, and wounding three others last night. The US attack destroyed Taliban strongholds and civilian residential places were also damaged. These kind of approximations led to the murdering of many civilians who have absolutely nothing to see with war, and are a clear violation of the Peace agreement.

A Taliban spokesperson claimed that people were attacked 7 times during the evacuation process after the initial hit while trying to evacuate the dead corpses and wounded people (AVA). An Afghan fighter was also stabbed to death by an unknown man in Kabul.

Many reports have shown that populations are subjected to torture like report about Palestinians children detained in solitary confinement in Israel with a complete absence of regulation and control put in place by our international organizations and western governments.

Same thing in Afghanistan as check points become the enabling entrance for violence.

Amnesty created a new commission in Afghanistan « for the prompt establishment of the mechanism to ensure that it thoroughly, impartially and transparently investigates threats and attacks against human rights defenders, and, where necessary, provides adequate protection measures that should include relocation, relief and psychosocial support. » (AVA).

Crimes of torture against detainees in secret occupation prisons in many places around the world are also on the verge. By denying some truths, the executive authorities are seemingly giving a free hand to pure madness and mental cruelty. In this context, the lines are blurring between what is true attacks or the right to self-defend against the abuses committed by forces of arms.

Very rare is the possibility to evaluate and critically analyze the information given by the authorities, the Army and local and foreign security forces in times of war because we independent researchers cannot go on site and everything is done to restrict us access; but governments seem at least to have not any problem at tricking numbers, changing information and blatently disinforming with lies.

Victims of abuses cannot properly report crimes and exactions they are exposed to because it is committed by extraordinary powers in extra-judicial secretive places, at borders or in situations of conflicts and displacement.

Oppressive governments involved into conflicts don’t seem to have been able to provide any substantial amount of research, documented informations and findings corroborating their views and actions, to justify their radical, approximative, often ideologized and incomplete positions in order to give us an account of their science on which to base our judgements.

Critical researchers are along populations exposed to many abuses that have been repeatedly denounced by Amnesty as repression, taking form of tracking, physical aggression, energy war and psychological torture to prevent us from giving accurate accounts of documented reports, which contributes to empower State strategic disinformative campaigns. State is by no means above any suspicion or of any superior moral authority as many scandals of collusion show, and might be subjected to evaluation and inquiry as well.

With secretive war deals of arms sales and intelligence that involve the states of Israel, France, US, UK, Russia or Germany, they have generated a billions of dollars economy to counter terrorism in places where displaced populations are feeding the business of human trafficking and sex trafficking of women and children. Their views and perspectives might be biased by profits as well as many NGOs and companies working locally or globally on to these processes.

It is absolutely obvious that wars are not benefiting local populations or anyone else in this world than power and global finance so putting on an agenda of secretive war criminalizing populations, critics or dissents is not acceptable. They roll gullible people in flour.

We are not innocent enough to mistake what often reveals to be criminality or legitimate violence with organized and motivation-based terrorism. We will not give names to what some interested third parties involved into conflicts of interest are a bit too prompt into calling terrorism. Do you find that offering slavery is a real option? No of course.

I am dealing with the issue ‘terrorism’ so far, as objectively as possible, not taking sides abruptly, due to the many contexts in which the situation is clearly abusive in regards of local populations, local powers, human rights defenders and investigative researchers. Due to many infringements and violations, peace processes might be permanently savaged by such abuses. We need more thorough through analysis from militantism experts to see who is the attacker and where it starts (or ends) and what are the motivations behind the scene and the causes of engaging into random acts of violence, be it from the authoritative global power or the local power.

Like for any issue of science and technology, our cultural perceptions that frame our decisions are influenced by our social surroundings and our cultural preferences; they might thus be subjected to variations as diverse as the situations encountered, so only a reasonably grounded dialogue, based on an existing level and attested level of expertise as shown by previous scientific publications and reports can reestablish and secure that peace processes are not colonized by whose having economical, political or personal interests in mind (See my thesis dissertation research questions, Debaveye, 2012).

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Breaking : British and US terror finance networks from big tech fund Al-Shabaab terrorism, with the help of the CIA and intell agencies, Russia also involved.

A giant collusion involving public powers that targeted me is funding Al-Shabaab terrorism with tax money and scam money.

The Obama pre-era of invisible war have prepared the ground to take control over nuclear weapons and lead the world.

The rising of the phenix

Big tech data sanitation, anti-hate speech policies, anti-vaccine groups hoax from narrative producers is another pretext for scamming online identities for mining dirty money from big tech and big pharma, as propaganda programs are aimed at controlling flows of informations and money by ways of impersonations, diversions, intense trolling and cyber-stalking filled with insults, use of degrading and sexually connoted terms in order to make noise and distract people from watching them and draw attention on others. The reason why I was crossing so many « agents » with same clothes, hair, make-up, style, mining on my identity. And it has become an hydra.

I accuse the US and allies of having targeting me to steal my copyrights after a thorough immersion I conducted over a period of seven years through my professional network in Canada, the US, the UK, Germany and worldwide.

I can officially name Renee di Resta – the so-called disinformation expert – and Alex Stamos from Facebook, François Chollet and Elie Burzstein from Google – so-called securitists – Commander Chris Cassidy – NASA – Twitter and Facebook employees, Daniel Kreiss, and other academics from Harvard and Stanford, the EFF, Wired, The Atlantic, Nature newspaper, Charlie Warzel from NYT, The Intercept, and networks, as colluding with networks of terror financing proceedings the money of war in the US, and LSE, Westminster academics, some journalists from The Guardian, in the UK, or some tech conferences as the Privacy Conference in Amsterdam, the World mobile conference in Barcelona, most cybersecurity conferences, NeurIPS conference, Rena Bivens from Carleton, some infosec advocates in Portland among them, and O’Reilly.

Actually I need to provide you with some context prior to follow up with the connexions from big tech and US government with terrorism.

You just need to watch the twitter accounts of the people mentioned above as Alex Stamos and Renee di resta to see the intent to prejudice my reputation and the extent of the smearing they spread against me calling me a child offender, a terrorist, a right-wingist, a conspirationist, a sexual offender, a children sex traffickant, a Russian, in brief whatever hate speech or online violence, saying that they’re « super excited » about the rape game, dismissing my scientific objects as ‘surveillance capitalism »,’dissent repression’, ‘algorithmic bias’, or ‘domestic violence’ as disinformation, everything you say « baseless », « domestic agent sowing chaos » or « right-wing echo chamber » – another term they stole from one of my blog post as others as « debunking » – the only scientific terms they know so far as obviously these people are everything but researchers one with a back ground in quantitative finance, the other in security – none of them having published research of much weight in the field of social media network analysis. Nothing credible in sum.

They are filling their tweets with personal and sensitive data and details of my private life as my country of second residency ‘Canada’, place of citizenship and personal network, as ‘Europe’/EU, objects of scientific interests, birth dates or specific events dates and relatives’ birthdates, as you can see with Alex Stamos tweets on the day of my birthday 4th of December on Twitter or tweets from the 6th of December disclosing and crypting in ranks of tweets, retweets and mentions the personal data of my birthdate 4th of December (as 4-11, 14-2) or date of defense 29th of November (as 29-1 three times in three different tweets around my date of defense!) or damaging insinuation like 912 (as 9-11 for terror threat), my birth department .. four or five times, the indicative phone number of the provinces in Canada where I’ve graduaded (…) and work (…) – that they use as a ‘nazi code’ to interfere with my professional network, in order I presume to disclose personal data to cyberattackers, as namely big tech agents (as 4-12-42 in the ‘fundraiser’ tweet of the 29th of November for my birth date linked to 42 for big tech, crypto cyber), which explains why my social networks are regularly hacked. Organized crimes from the proper institutions colluding with big tech!

In such tweets, they are also imitating my way, my speech, using my words, tone, style, and some stories I share on social media, as the one of the two black cats in my backyard for example (I am just pointing because I don’t want to disclose all my personal data in here). Note that none of these people have been producing research that demostrate the anteriority of their research over my research on such topics.

Next, on the 28th of December, is a tweet from a ‘researcher’ Kate Starbird (never heard her name before), retaking the findings from my paper from 2011 (Debaveye, 2011) on YouTube about social justice activists campaigns and diverting it into portraying You Tube producers as « far-right YouTube echo chamber ». Then Stamos calls for some incentive about « more grounded into reality’ than in past examples, as I use grounded theory methods for my research and a quotation of Epstein about reality for my thesis (Debaveye, 2012). In this insistance in denying the reality of my research and living, you can see their intent to erase my presence from reality in order to take my place.

Next, on the 27th of November, 23-4-1 numbers appear in their tweets ranking, it is the day that I met with Elie Burzstein, a security scientist working at Google at the FIC in Lille (59, another number they use), the 23 of January (1) and 41 for 42 that is referring again to security, crypto, war. Again on the 27th of December, 92-1 for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also on 22th of November, 11-49, for 9-11 and 11-29, 21th of November, 291 for 29-1; 411. Basically all of Stamos tweets are encrypting some of my personal details and sensitive informations regarding of my personal life and randomly cyber-stalking me.

These informations are code they are sending to scammers and attackers. You see the repetition for the dates of the 29th of November and the 4th of December is important for the next (and it’s where I realized the conspiration started from long time ago as I don’t think this choice of date for my graduation was innocent from the university). My thesis is that Canada along the US planned this copyright infringement since the start to steal the merits and credits of my academic production. I also accuse the academic institution as well as the political powers of collusion.

All these people are actively involved as you can see by yourself by browsing their Twitter accounts in using social media as a site to engage into crypto-scamming practices, intense cyber-bullying, via blatent sexual harassment, gender harassment, racist harassment, and thieves of identity, leadership and copyrights (I also author papers about info leadership). But it’s not all, they also scam my online identity to mine the proceeds of illegal money obtained from war. Honestly the collusion with some US government instances as the Senate or the Congress is not surprising me as only ‘enabled-by-authority persons’ can authorize themselves to conduct such violent assaults with sexual and pornographic contents, explicit bullying, in the open air (as I reminder I have been voicing concerns about rape discrimination following a rape assault I have been a victim of in 2013 in the academia).

From a network analysis, I then found out that these terror financing networks have contributed to produce the factory of violence and terrorism in the middle East and Africa in order to white wash the money of their criminal activities involving arms sales, human trafficking, sex trafficking — which also corroborate findings I made about Bombardier and the Notman house (a Google lab) involvement in the engineering of war along my practice as a Centech alumni (they too discriminated and cyber-harassed me, see here). They went completely insane in their trip of repressing when they were discovered unveiled, with their misactions potentially exposed into light, as they can go very far in the repressive acts of controlling and censuring populations, informations and networks; too far actually, in their intent to damage images with depravity and profanation, which draw my attention.

I also observed the use of my personal sensitive data by ways of weaponized disclosure that were linked with me and very few people actually know, like data of birth, date of defense of my dissertation, relatives’ dates of birth, personal online contents, personal work, personal connexions I have in official press about terror attacks, etc, an identical tactic they have been starting right after my defense as soon as 2014 but it grows over time, coming recently into using unclaimed terror attacks in Africa as a back door for disinforming with numbers and contexts, criminalizing me and prejudice my career and reputation.

These well organized terror financing networks targeting at me, it was crucial to identify, localize and name who is behind that – and it pertains to keen observers not to mistake legitimate movements of resistance from Yemeni, Somalian and Ethiopian populations, militants’ fight for survivance and movements for justice, health and freedom of speech, with terror financed targeted attacks of mercenaries from corrupted state-sponsored agents.

But honestly the practices of the terror financing networks have become so viral that I don’t think there is still any organic new social movements existing through the social networks today and what we observe is a complete and pure madness spread by big tech with the complicity of the US government to create social chaos and terror in the world.

Friday 27th :

The erotization of war

In their quest for domination, they use western cultural forms of expression as music to enroll people into discriminant sexually connoted harassment. Many popular artists as Indochine, Christine and the Queens, Angèle, Dua Lupa, Billie Ellish, … pushed on in YouTube suggestions and big tech ads, mostly, as well as at show fairs and main music venues, are involved in the rhetoric of the heroic sexualization of war. Movie production too. Popular contents are used to indoctrinate via mass media with online contents filtered by algorithms.

Ways of consuming media and culture are enabled by ads and tech platforms suggestions in their streams that have become new forms of alienation.

Invisible wars and scars

My research that I defended on the 29 of November 2012 at 15h at Sciences Po was written in the realm of the Arab spring movement with a pro-Arab stance then, as I express sympathy and concern for the Arab movements or pacifist news producers of the FSA who were denouncing the massacre and repression of Syrian people online and were then hunted and violently repressed. But I never came in touch with them either than during my research activities while producing the data collection on Twitter for my PhD.

As such, I am not condemning the use of violence when it appears as an ultimate recourse to counter an abusive and disproportionate use of violence by State and corrupted networks of power, endangering the life and safety of local populations involved in conflicts (Debaveye, 2012) as it happens in contexts in crisis or with ‘in the wild research’.

Political violence thus appears, in the hands of insurgents and dissents, as a way to end a war game enabling abuses with the right to self-defend, to fight gender-based harassment, rape threats and death threats, racism, anti-Muslim enabled by abusive use of surveillance, disclosure, thieves, coercion and extortion from security and law enforcement agents, physical and psychological violence from the military and disinformation with the official press.

This argument is clearly easy to become the object of an instrumentalisation of these claims by bad intended agents as it is easy to blur the categories of political violence with terrorism. Political violence is an act of resistance that is leading militants into engaging in violent actions as committing arsons against symbols of capitalism as banks, real estate and big corporations, or putting fires to police patrols, but it is not – except in the most extreme cases of the ETA or the IRA – directed at targeted persons or conducting to mass murdering. But this is the case of militarized coalitions, equipped with weapons and war equipment.

I have been denouncing networks of organized crime linked with the business of war following two street attacks I have experienced in Lyon and Montreal as well as one attack at home in London that led to serious physical injuries and multiple sequels, cyber-harassment and psychological warfare, that I reported to police in 2013.

Obviously you don’t expect from reporting gender violence assault leading to physical aggression to become the subject of a posteriori criminalisation, until you found out that the aggressor who you suspected was involved into trafficking has been recruited by the City of London and has ties with the LSE and westminster which is precisely the people who are spreading the smearing campaign against you. You become even more wary if you constantly come back in touch with this network through social media platforms suggestions as ads on Airbnb platform, YouTube, Facebook…

With the help of their networks of academics worldwide located in big universities as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UNC Haussman, NYU, Queens, they targeted my online presence forcing me into withdrawal. Under their pressure, my Twitter account has been blocked abusively for a minor offense that should only lead to a temporary suspension of a day following the use of my right to oppose information regarding the disclosure of my privacy and the intent to use sensitive disclosure to vilify my image.

They blocked my Facebook account abusively – for no reason at all. I once wrote « these guys are insane » referring to the mafia networks of war criminals, without adding more context (not names associated — but even in this case I would be in my right for using my right to information).

They censored some of my posts on social media, with no specific reason as no sensitive community was involved, but that were critical of their abusive policies of censure and control. They stole my business plan and my clients at the mentoring alumni program I was enrolled in at the Startup Fest/Centech, financed with mafia money and war money, used blatent impersonations for electoral propaganda with Wall Street traders, cover with corrupted DNC money.

I accuse them of also using psychotronic weapons (waves) and sophisticated geo-tagged surveillance programs conducted with drones, street cameras, controlled at a distance to monitor and disrupt, as they’re in touch with law enforcement (agents of police, the army and surveillance agencies as the FBI).

They disinform press and people constantly so it is not easy to make your claims being heard. They collude with other nations. The global security bill they voted recently in France is another step towards state disinformation, state control and state abuses endangering freedom of press, right to access information and right to manifest and dismissing the potential of freedom of speech and civic rights by criminalizing free speech and the production of knowledge, as they aim to become the only gatekeepers of flows and networks of information.

Meanwhile the US press talk about their Defense secretary trip in Somalia – that is another intimidation, who cares about this guy? – they conduct secretive war operations in Somalia, Azerbaïdjan, buying war equipment to Israel, France, Russia, US and Germany for billions of dollars to counter critical threats. They use researchers’ works to control information, suppress critical voices and delete internet archives.

All their actions are deeply illegal and infringing human rights and competition.

They abuse people’s privacy by targeting people in their private spheres, at work, at clubs or at the gym or running, in holidays… without pause, with the help of AI tracking programs and Smith agents. They’re always the ones getting in touch, hurting victims physically or virtually through social media posts, ads and emails. In clear, they abuse of their power blatantly and very cynically. Honestly these technologies are not such sophisticated programs, mostly tracking systems and map-tagging, but the collusion of power helps a lot to ethical infringements.

French government has been recently involved for its many misactions in Azerbaidjan, for enrolling Syrian fighters into war as mercenaries and spreading online propaganda. France, UK, Germany, Canada, US and Israel sell huge amounts of equipment to troops and jihadists funded by Saudi Arabia and UAE, back up authoritarian governments and repress dissents in conflict zones with the support of the UN.

The conux between the list of US war illuminati and Germany is transparent. Middle East illegal drone war using fly controlled data via German soil (Ramstein Air Base serves as a platform for transferring fly connected data) made of Germany a European base, but they also have some deep connexions in Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Finland or Denmark, and of course Brussels and Strasbourg.

This erotization conducted by ways of rape game and sexually connoted vocabulary on social media playing on the sexual aggression I have been experiencing was always part of the smearing as informations were using some of my personal and sensitive data which is why I started to have a deep interest for the subject as I soon understood that someone was trying to accuse me for their wrong doings and dirty business.

A story of the battlefield

Whoever has been hurt or abused in this struggle for freedom and rights know what is at stake, who is involved, and share a story of the battlefield. At first I thus thought it could be tied with the FSA as they used to be organized in students coalitions, an object that I have been thoroughly studying along my research.

Some of them became mercenaries, enrolled in dissidence in the Middle East or joint listed groups of terrorist organizations as the war appeared to be for them the remaining option. But the assumption it all comes from the FSA was a bit weak so I decided to conduct an immersion on Al-shabaab group and finance networks, as I observed some bizarre coincidences again collapsing my personal data with attacks. I immediately though about a disinformation program aiming at giving the feeling that there was indeed a personal connexion between me and Al-Shabaab. I made use of network analysis, situational inquiry, in-depth research, and some contextual noise material for blurring identities as random blog posts as this one.

Here I might say that I have never been in any form of interpersonal relation with any war insurgents as my usual type of coalitions are students coalitions as the CLAC Montréal, i.e. people who are not involved into criminal actions or major offenses (but often the object of a criminalization) so it was clear that the parallel they were trying to make was abusive.

The street rebellion I observe in my research is not motivated by religion, ethnicity or race – at least fighters don’t make these claims in their publications – but is a coordinated response to the perpetuation of persecutions and constant provocations put up by the police and law enforcement agencies to repress dissents.

I thoroughly explain in my thesis in the data analysis and later in the discussion the process of criminalisation by which police and law enforcement target and criminalize groups of dissents and social justice advocates, blurring lines with terrorism and the way social justice advocates maintain relations with media and press to correct and rectify the information provided by officials, so I make clear that there isn’t any doubt about my scientific integrity and the scientific motivations conducting the research.

Observing how patterns of oppression target people that are held hostage by terror funded corrupted networks, weaponizing disclosure with intent to harm and prejudice work and reputation, scamming, stealing populations money, and finally disorientating with a deluge of delusive personal contacts invading homes to fund mercenaries and attacks, my views on terrorism are not as sided as many counter-terrorism or security department.

I rather offer a more nuanced cultural approach which often gives way to a weaponization of my work, which is precisely what the LSE and Westminster academics have been doing along with their networks at Harvard and Stanford involved into spying activities over dissents and denunciation to law enforcement and surveillance agencies (even if they often describe themselves as resistant when there is nothing in their activities attesting of such resistance).

All the narcissist people in the power spheres I came in touch are actually more closely involved in war crimes, coercion and censure by selling softwares and equipment to troops or supporting the governments’ censure through the target killing and silencing of dissents and scientists, than any random citizens due to their political activity as labs funding show.

My point is that they are also quietly involved in the mass murdering of Muslims (I call it the ‘Make the street empty’ program) in Syria, Yemen, Somali and Ethiopia with deals around monitoring softwares, drones and planes and the financing of terrorism activities with tax money or illegal money (scams, frauds), in which institutions are white washing the proceeding of crimes, and escaping the money through bitcoin.

You would note that this is completely transparent with the promotion of peer and open source research.

With the help of military nations as Israel (I once was deluded by a Mossad agent/also working for a big tech cie, at Barcelona Pacha club), they push on an anti-Muslim agenda based on denunciation and retaliation causing chaos and distrust among the population to divide and reign. They play the good actors on the public political scene, filling the place with empty words, but it’s a simple imitation game covering up many rights abuses from the bad actors.

THEY PLAN TO SUPPRESS ARABS AND ALL WITNESSES OF CRIMES INCLUDING SOCIAL JUSTICE RESEARCHERS, FEMALE SCIENTISTS AND WORKERS UNIONS DENOUNCING THEIR INTENTS. That’s the plan they’ve said to me, calling it the « error 404 ». This is not encompassing the scope of merely targeting terrorists or properly labelled jihadist organizations.

It’s not even a war, at this point, as there is no political motive, just the coordination of huge amounts of money and an abusive control from an authoritarian and imperialistic power. With their secretive and endless wars in mind, they’ve created a terrorist hydra in war-affected economies, sickened many local youth and even woke up old war fathers who had gone sleeping as the Talibans.

Ontologically, they are very look close to the nazi ideology with their anti-Muslim and anti-rape stance, proponing a neo-liberalistic approach like on rape, it’s part of our civilization, and child offending is good for men, sic(k). But in real they just care about the oil and the local resources, they have no consideration for ethics or for human beings, everything human is weak. It’s pure instrumentalization.

Most get inspiration at the Turing war machine and in the techies. Political science also. Pro-Israel, kabbal, game, cybersec. Consequently they don’t really consider killing an innocent for a jihadist a very serious concern and they’re prompt at labelling anyone who crosses with their path a terrorist. The institutional disinformation impacts the life of millions of citizens, suffering and dying from starvation and disease. Words kill.

They used to test monkeys, now monkeys are not enough, they need humans and they find these humans for their cruelty in conflict and war zones. This also explain why they are not keen at funding social network analysis researchers as me, because they’re not interested into their own ends. The more they get rid of inconvenient people i.e. social justice and critical researchers the more they win.

Engaged in the defense of local populations and common good as press freedom and freedom of speech, critical researchers and social justice advocates are at risk.

Sometimes local terrorism is a legitimate way to address abuses in power balance by weakening foreign interference and authoritative regimes executive power that is known to be source of violence and conflicts with populations starving and lacking access to care. In such case, insurgents are not fighting against, but fighting for, their lives, houses, lands, foods, resources,… It is important to distinguish in-between organized terrorism and local factions of insurgents or when populations are taking side with militants (a situation that is partly explaining the Syrian problem). In this aspect, the work of researchers and analysts is critical.

In the next section I explain how they try to criminalize me by linking some personal details with the narratives of terrorism during a week of attacks perpetrated by groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda. You need to pay attention to details.

Writing my day-to-day observations help at pointing the specificity of the Al-Shabaab’ tactics, responses and strategy development (Debaveye, 2012). Note that dates may differ from dates of events as attacks appear only in news sometimes the next day, and details are not fully provided within several days. Some imprecisions are imputable to lack of details provided by media and government, nevertheless I was able to recompose most of the terrorists journey.

Insurgent networks affiliated with Al-Qaeda, though not being part of the terrorist organization, coordinated multiple targeted attacks in Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, Yemen, Indonesia and Afghanistan. A network analysis of the militant group practices (Debaveye, 2012, 2015) reveal what appear to be well organized and routed connexions that translates through their know-how, among diverse subgroups fragmented in territories with distinctive cultural traits and historical backgrounds.

This aspect is not very specific of let’s say random militants coalitions of street protesters who commonly gather around topical terms and slogans and a shared repertory of actions, rather than a predefined timeline of actions. Their campaigns might be synchronous but not at the point of coordinating their ways day-to-day. They also improvise in the court of action. The many similarities I observed in a very short period of time let me think of a rather professional organized network coordinated with social engineering quite typical of the military missions.

The fact a US CIA navy seal officer is involved also raised my attention.

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th : The bloody sunday

Friday night, Al-Shabaab group conducted an exploit by killing a CIA ex-navy seal officer on a counter-terrorism mission to arrest leaders from Al-Shabaab who had killed a CIA officer last year in Kenya with explosive devices. This appeared in news weeks after I have been interacting online with some staff from the NASA, notably a navy seal officer who conducted battles in Afghanistan and was sent on mission on the ISS. The attack is attributed to « Engineer Ismail », a senior explosive expert in charge with the media, number two of the movement, and labelled « global terrorist ».

Al-Shabaab killed more than 10 people inside an Italian Ice cream parlour with a suicide bomb attack among them officials, state employees and foreigners while US Defense secretary Christopher Miller was in visit to the country the next day (and the couple Stamos/Di Resta naturally accused me of far-right extremism — when in the fact I have been precedently denouncing them for a copyright infringement from Renee di resta — because she’s from Italian origine. You can see on her Twitter account that she’s literally siphonning my research and publications on Twitter groups and tactics — which by the way is without evidence because I am too from Italian origin)

Then the terrorist group was said to have killed two aides during a bomb attack targeting at Ahmed Washington, a general manager of the capital’s port who survived, in Mogadishu; a soldier official with pregnant woman and two kids in a retired village in Wajid, in Somalia, various security agents at security checkpoints, and a MPP political official in Sahel, Burkina Faso, the 29th of November at 15h in a baptism.

Remember I said my defense was on the 29th of November at 15h? So here I accuse the terror network of implicitly misleading the public into thinking that I have been involved into these attacks, as a baptism of murder, like it is used in crime gangs, by disinforming on the date and hour of the attack to make it coincide with my date of defense. Such claims are perfectly ridiculous as I have absolute no ties with militarized backgrounds, either in my past or present — these people are absolutely crazy, not joking, insane in the mind — but some people will be keen to engage.

In 2016, I did was controlled by the ICE at the US borders by a counter-terrorist agent who questioned me about a note on « honor killing » they found while checking in my cellphone. was putting notes as I am conducting research on militantism/rape abuse, which is my field of expertise and graduation, so did I explain to him. So from that, I could deduce the existing connexions between these networks and the law enforcement agency at US ICE/borders.

‘Honor killing’ by the way refers to women being killed after being raped so the links they make are perfectly pointless and void (as they’re also seemingly out of reason), but again it is easy to blurr the lines between this and a personal revenge conducting on them.

Following up with the story.

At the same time, Boko Haram killed up to 110 farmers they accused of spying on them and denouncing them to the security forces in Nigeria (again, an implicit like I would be REVENGE KILLING for denouncing an infringement in copyrights, which totally incriminate the media, the Nigerian government and the US government).

I wonder if they know about the extent of unmanned aerial land surveillance programs that aim at tracking parcels I called « BloodyWood »? (Unclaimed attack). One of the survivor of the attack reported that the government failed at protecting the population after farmers had alerted about risks of an attack on Friday.

Others attacks were conducted with explosive engines and suicide car bombs directed at national security forces, marine officers and the Afghan military over the week-end in Afghanistan, in response to US interference. Attacks were claimed by the IS but attributed to Talibans following some sources, though attacks were unclaimed.

31 to 40 people were killed in two suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan. An attack with a suicide car bomb killing at least 31 and seriously wounded 24 security personal in Ghazni was conducted with an hijacked military vehicle laden with explosive driven inside a military base and detonated.

The attack was attributed to a Taliban originated from the Pakistani border region of Wasiristan who was later killed in air strikes, but neither the news were quite specific about his identity and motivations in the attack. It could as much well as been be a random citizen who knows. Actually I have been commenting about the Kashmir situation recently which is what the US government could build on for criminalization and building cases for further prosecution if they’d wish.

A second bombing took place in Zabul killing one and injuring 21 while Talibans were officially engaged in peace talks to end the war in Qatar at the time. Talibans didn’t claim the attack.

Another attack was conducted in Sigi by the Mujahiddin based in Timore East/Sulawesi, Indonesia, who claimed responsibility; saying it is not racially, ethnically or religiously motivated, day after I wrote it on my blog, which I found strange, like if they’re trying to replicate my says (and for what reason?? Here again I accuse the US of interfering and biasing the information).

Other attacks on facilities were conducted on Sunday and claimed via the AMAQ site by the IS. A rocked attack against an oil refinery in the northern Salahuddin province of Iraq caused a large-scale fire.

The series of unclaimed attacks typically can be an indication of an intrumentalization by a third party, like the military or law enforcement agencies. I also read that a group leader was publicly anouncing his retirement from the military coalition with faces exposed, but who would do that. If you know you’re a terrorist wanted by law enforcement for three millions dollar, you’re not showing up in a press conference with your identity revealed publicly. Typical resistants are living under a false identity and they never expose publicly their face for fear of retaliation. This is why I think that Al-Shabaab is not an authentical terrorist group.

The firework display

What we notice is the fireworks display : a set of coordinated events occurring in diverse locations at the same time, which is also quite a typical term and tactic from the military leading to think that the military is behind the attacks in Somalia and Niger.

In the race for killing, I am not sure central powers are leading the race, if not in numbers, at least in ‘spectacularity’, as these attacks were described by press as being particularly grim. But it gave me the feeling that this show of horror was put on stage, as well as the fact that Boko Haram — at this point we are not even sure it was them as the media base their claims on ‘a survivor’ testimony but let’s say it’s them — pretend that the terrorists killed the farmers for denuncing them. But if officials are so keen to repress terrorists why didn’t they take action first hand? Why did they wait? Personally I don’t give much credit to the survivor version. I think they rather localized them by land surveillance. The number also of 110 is curious, as 111 is the common number for angels, soul mates, and that kind of silly new-age crypto (the numbers actually changed over time, from 42, to 66, then 74, and finally 110).

Killing 110 Nigerian is « insane » says Nigerian president… but does he consider killing 400 000 Syrians including 115 000 civilians, 22 000 children and 13 000 women (« only » 67 000 were actual jihadists) and 100 000 Yemeni is sane? Nigeria government itself killed 15 street protestors opposing tax raises over the month of October. I don’t the see the point into calling terrorists insane. Terrorists are motivated by the will of taking the power from the hands of political leaders. There’s nothing that is supposed to be insane or sane in the process. This moralization of terrorism is dubious.

The Nigeria government executed three prisoners on Sunday the 30th, I presume after they were asked by the US Defense assistant who visited Somalia on Friday out of the blue, which led me to think once again to a military intervention thus a construction of the narrative by the US military power. These prisoners were not representing a threat as being in detention, they killed them in retaliation of attacks, infringing the UN Geneva Convention.
That is pointless.

A Yemeni missile attack killed 8 troops from the Saudi led coalition in Ma’rib. The war has claimed more than 100 000 lives in Yemen. Yemen is facing a fuel crisis and the worst famine crisis ever in the century. They were accused of destroying the goods for the local population but frankly that doesn’t make sense neither. What is their interest into starving populations? This commonly is more a tactic of the official power.

Reprisals were conducted by official army and security force in a serie of aircraft attacks, targeting groups of one, two or three (1,2,3) off the battlefield. It is as usual using a shell to blast a flea when they did nothing to repress the insurgents who killed 110 farmers days earlier. Lots of imprecisions and unconvencive demonstrations as why to kill insurgents off the battlefield. This narrative is shaky, killing off battlefield, random groups of 3 or 1 you are not even sure they are the proper attackers as they provide no evidence, unclaimed attacks, numbers like dice game, playing the God of life and death… this kind of insanity they like to fill their tweets with (you know the Abba song I have been posting numerous times? The allusions to God, saying terrorists fear neither God nor man, I have been tricking them with to see if they’d bite – so did they).

Monday 30th… and followings :

No way back

This is when the narrative goes mad with the succession of attacks day after day crypted with over-charged significations.

Another attack targeted UN, French and foreign bases in northern Mali, in Kidal, Menaka and Gao, in a coordinated attack on foreign troops on Monday morning. No injuries were reported but serious damages caused by the attack were reported in Kidal. I found this dubious because it looked like they put this attack for display, not wanting to hurt or kill any foreign troops when they have no problem to kill 110 nigerian in a row.

Al-Shabaab militants raided militia in a Somali Army Base (SNA) in Ba’adweyne, Mudug, in the early hours of Monday. A military vehicle laden with explosives was driven inside a base and several fighters stormed in leading to a lengthy fight, killing 15 soldiers (the SNA backed by ANISOM and US Africa claimed that they killed 51 fighters). I think the US military conducted this attack to get the UN involved in the process of criminalization. Numbers too are tricked, has Al-Shabaab killed 20 national troops and took over, or troop killed 51 fighters? And what about the weapons they claimed to have taken? I think more and more about a scenario with changing versions.

It is said Al-Shabaab took control of the place and claimed it seized six military vehicles mounted with ZU-23 (anti-aircraft guns) and other equipment during the raid that they’ve posted online. I actually saw the weapons and equipment that were posted online on a news website, a typical tactic for identifying the origin of weapons by law enforcement or resellers.

On Wednesday, the 2nd, Al-Shabaab attacked a police patrol in Amuma Camp, injuring a police officer with shots in the elbow and back, firing three bullets at him and I have been describing days before that I have been assaulted three times and hurt in my arm and shoulder… Another instrumentalization of the terror network to make think that I am involved into some kind of revenge killing, which is also indicates their poor mental abilities of US law enforcement as their interpretation of ‘honor killing’. I mean where in the world would I learn to be a fighter? Wait, wait wait… In Marocco, where I have been travelling three times for tourism with very weird people, supposedly spending my days with the nice guys from Mauritania, my dear ‘friend’ when actually I was doing a trip in van in Essaouira with my boyfriend – which the least militarized place that you can find in Marocco. But yes considering that we were in a van, we could as well have been trafficking weapons or children (lol).

The story continues with an officer who later received treatment at the hospital. The whereabouts of a police officer were missing… They ran away shooting spree, deflating all the four tyres of a Toyota Land Cruiser police patrol, and bombing the camp’s armoury with a rocket-propelled grenade… Here it’s the complete screenplay with the Somalian Far West army getting rid of police officers by shooting bullets in the sky and escaping in striking truks.

Four other attacks on ANISOM bases were raided by militants on Saturday the 5th of December which is where it gets completely mad, as the next day of my birthday.

It’s quite fascinating to analyze the rapid progresses they made in community building, self-learning, coordinating a sequence of synchronous combined actions over days with hijacked military trucks laden with explosives – as differing from suicide bombing and gunfight – and, let’s say it frankly, a good dash of bravery freeing their ways though check points with ambush attacks and targeted assassinations…

It is surprising to see how they’re able to organize very rapidly and in a grounded way high intensity attacks, coordinated with the media and their spokespersons as well as their foreign databases, showing a remarkable resistance to stress and a high degree knowledge penetration, in response to occurring events.

Actually it also reminds of 9/11 simultaneous twin towers attack Talibans’ style. It was conducted over a virtual map linked by a unified cause more than geographical territories in a tight timeline (a new theory claims that the towers were destructed with explosives), attesting of an interconnected network of communications. In essence, simplicity in the process, complexity in the implementation…

Too complex maybe : where do they get the equipment for their attacks so promptly. We can imagine that it is not that easy in a war country to find military equipment. Already for a random person, but for a convicted terrorist to buy explosives and weapons without being tracked is revealing very arduous. Discretion necessarily implies longer timetables for the time when the equipment passes from hand to hand.

Global powers have been giving too much credit to military conglomerates as Israel, US Defense, and by doing so, they have been granting some privileged the right to kill in Africa and the Middle East, and elsewhere. UN and European organizations are not being impartial. Elections will come in Somalia next year and insurgents has expressed their plan to ramp up attacks against the foreign backed government so I am seeing another intent by foreign power to take control over Africa.

Unmanned war and true death

Insurgents once said that you cannot live in such countries as Somalia or Ethiopia, you can only die or fight. I don’t know how exactly is the situation but I have no issue at believing that it is a reality. But is it right to kill people?

We cannot deny the fact that some of these movements are also driven by the common and modern human desire to compete in a world that has made them the loosers of war-affected countries where winners are abusive powers stealing the resources, the hope and the courage of smaller countries, and might thus be seeking the attention of the media and of the international establishment by ways of terror attacks. And we also know that competition implies big money and funding.

Terrorism is not necessarily the sign of a pathology in such a world that has made of dollars the main and only value, without any redistribution of value and share, but it might become. And it might end up being bloody scaring to consider that it is a new form of economy.

Soldiers and peace troopers will end up being killed in a dirty war that does not even aim at protecting populations but at merely serving the aligned interests of power. In fact the US and allies armies often minimize their loss to destabilize the adversary but a very high number of soldiers are killed in random attacks conducted on the ground by militants, and it is not sure it is benefiting the Army.

Coalition in Yemen is accused of having committed more than 210 violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire in Hodeihah, with artillery 292 shells, 138 bullets and 15 spy planes over airspace over the past days (December 4th), so it is concerning that our institutions keep backing them up, instead of putting an embargo on arms sales.

Meanwhile, Iranian found out that the nuclear scientist that was killed on Friday near Tehran was targeted with an unmanned vehicle with weaponry controlled by satellites that fired bullets at his vehicle and claimed after having found Israeli weaponry on site, that the attack was coordinated by Israel. Ok Israel is a crack in remote-control devices but why to execute the scientist this way.

Obviously, the point is that remote-controlled technology has no culprit. But Iranian still need to accuse someone for this inglorious assassination. This assassination is clearly impacting the relations of Iran with the US and Biden’s nuclear plan and hope of reviving anything with Iran.

The US threatened Iran of nuclear deterrence after Iran wrote an op-ed calling to violence as a revenge act on Israel for the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist. « The murder of Iranian physicist Fakhrizadeh is a terrorist attack aimed at new provocation against Tehran. »

« It’s important to prevent the escalation of tensions in the region, » the lawmaker wrote on his Twitter account, adding that « the Iranian nuclear scientist’s assassination was a clear violation of international law, expressing regret that international bodies lack the ability to prevent the acts of lawlessness by the United States and the Israeli regime. »

Meanwhile Israel is pursuing its policies of aggression towards rivals. Israel is by no way a leadership to follow in matter of human rights abuses, women and child abuses during wartime as amounts to torture against Palestinians — like detention of Palestinian children in solitary confinement in order to ‘obtain a confession’ or ‘gather intelligence’, exposing children to physical violence and psychological torture — following evidences revealed in recent report are denounced.

This tactics are also commonly used by the ICE as I have been detained in the police borders for 9 hours without access to network, or food, or not being authorized to leave, at the US borders office without having committed any offense, and interviewed until exhaustion, when I ended up feeling that I was experiencing coercion into answering some questions so they let me go.

US foreign policies clearly are leading the world to chaos. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may also use counter-power against Biden administration with the promising intercontinental ballistic missile, the most powerful nuclear bomb, as well as Russia who has been lengthily waiting to finally retake its leadership dented by the constant vexations from the US on their national identity. Talibans might retake the arms after recent spontaneous attacks completely dismissed the peace talks engaged with Kabul.

Each part is killing the other one in a silent obstinate revenge that will become the new language with no-more in-between space for dialogue and peace as the desire to compromise and find common terms went to extinction due to too many struggles, attacks and provocations. Overall it is still beneficial to terror funding networks and war business which might impulse this factory of crime and terrorism by hostaging our institutions and political forms.

It is no time to invoke a false morality when there are dead caused by armies and groups equipped with US and European weapons.

I finally found out by correlating fragmented pieces of informations in-between diverse networks I accumulated through these various immersion that led me to select the above informations from a very fragmented and extended set of dirty data and from grounded deductions (see notes below), that Al-Shabaab was most likely funded with British finance (weapons trafficking) through secret deals covered up by British academics and officials from politics and media in the UK (and elsewhere where are their allies as the ex-British colonies and in Afghanistan) and US terror financing networks backed up by US intell agencies and the CIA.

UK and US terror financing networks resulting from a mix of traditionnal players as the City, Wall Street and illegal criminal networks proceedings the profits of crime (weapons, human trafficking), located among UK, US and Australia well-known institutions, as the US military, the CIA and intell agencies, are directly involved too in the factory of terrorism in the middle East and Africa, and are the one behind the bombs. Al-Shabaab is nothing native following me, or if it was, it’s been long time recovered by corrupted finance networks.

Basically Biden has been elected since two weeks and we are already facing threats of III World War. How insane is that.

The US with the support of the UK and Australia is disrupting the Islamic finance to prevent the Middle East and the African nations’ economy to rise up and reach their financial stability and political autonomy which would weaken the power of western central banks, that’s understood. The show of war based on vexations, power and sexualisation adds to the obscenity of the crime scene, that the targeted victims are not quite willing to take well after the grieving funerals, appealed by a call for swift revenge more than by the call for peace, entertaining the fiction of terrorism.

The UK/US continuous occupation of other countries’ finance and local economy with wars and conflicts supported with unmanned weapons and secretive operations of intelligence is never ending. The expiration of the last remaining nuclear arms deal with Russia and the withdrawal of the US troops at the end of January in Afghanistan and Somalia could lead to new political arrangements or a complete anarchy.

The US, joint by yards of security experts are denying the reality of war, fantasizing war, calling it a game, in spite of numerous deaths, attacks and flows of blood poured, dealing with terror attacks as it was some Hollywood movies scenes, and with a scientist’ assassination as if it was a science-fiction tale. Thus it happened for real.

By unveiling the hidden meaning of things, we can see how US policies looking like a discharge of cum going absolutely nowhere in a cheap porno binge reveal the US potential unwillingness to control, refrain or mitigate the controllable belligerent actions of unknown, networked powers and groups.

In the lack of acknowledgement of the contribution from local communities for building and peace, in the absence of empathy for others and of self-control into their persecution, corrupted powers have permanently lost the connexion with a sense of realness, driven by the chimeras of a virtualized war with no joystick neither button blurring the fine lines between realness and the unreality of a Hollywood decor where dead are the trophy of a hunter game, denying the reality of the suffering and the deluge of death they have caused, as it already happened and happened and happened (Debaveye, 2012, 2015). Actually they care not about people dying, they have acquired the right to kill, to extort and sex extort.

With their pathetical intent to profanate and to deny their actions with empty discourses, when they have nothing else to offer — like really nothing, corrupted networks originated from a mix of traditional finance and war mercenaries have become a threat for the other nations with hatred, jealous and pathological actions against promising young or not-so-young nations, rising in emergent, risky and radical market economies. They are a pain in the ass to deal with anyways.

Maybe it is time to remind them what real life truly means so they can accept their end as a leading cryptic power. We don’t need that awful scary movie scenes taking youth lives away anymore to repeat in order to feed their old creepy unbrained nationals sucking others blood like succubs moribund desires.

We’ve learnt our lessons!

The US and UK official withdrawing of troops is another trick to add to their plot because it is more beneficial for them to let the hydra grow and cash in secretly.

Notes : At first it was a joke they made with the name of my ex academic website « natural born researcher » – very parodic name indeed, gives a good idea of my respect for this institution – but still a joke!, then they started to link me with their shit by ways of personal data disclosure with only a narrow circle having access to without me understanding clearly where it comes from giving that I have no ties or any form of contact with terrorist networks (I say that because many normal people do without knowing of by FOF). I always have been very cautious with that giving my profession and I am also an honest person in general.

Then obviously, I needed to know who it is, and found out it is still the same bunch of shitty academics from Westminster/LSE that I have been denouncing for years. So they recruited the guy I had a brief encounter with in London, an Australian national, who assaulted me on my second visit, and who is a civic engineering with skill in mecanics, at least militarized (he showed me pictures with weapons). After I reported the assault to Police, saying he was doing some trafficking for some kind of revenge (suspected it was weapons afterwards), they found out, now works at the City of London, it’s London then covering up with their smearing campaign against me pretending that my claims against the attacker was disinformation (when there is a police report that designed him as the aggressor, no doubt about that), Westminster academics targeting at my academic reputation, Westminster again involved with the rape game they put online by ways of impersonations and cyber-stalking. Connected with the big tech shit and US/UK/Canada/France law enforcement agencies. I evoked all that in my posts on Facebook and Twitter. A long story but I resume. Which is the first element that draw me to suspect a link also knowing he had good connexions in the academics, political spheres and as said involved into some trafficking. He might even already have been in connexion before the assault. This network anyways is connected with the people sub-mentionned and Australian officials. Al-Shabaab is funded by Westminster with the support of its allies (weapons trafficking) and US corruption. Clearly our powers are funding terrorism with taxes and illegal money from war and human trafficking.

My advice as a French native, don’t even try to speak with anglos or naturalized! At least, for me it is ended. I will rather run away!!!


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