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What is terrorism?

A work that is critically asking what terrorism means today My position is not ‘counter’-terrorism because I am wondering counter what? In a situation where it is not very clear who is the terrorist organization in-between a corrupted state at … Continuer la lecture

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Radiography of an AI

The antic Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has moved into the cloud and colonized every spaces of the beyond, from waters to skies, with wireless and waves technologies that they call « emergent » or « transformative ». Thus the AI industry is now almost … Continuer la lecture

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A modern disease : the social impact of the criminalization of women thinking

The Social Impact of the Criminalization of Women’s Thinking : Investigative journalists, critical academics, female activists, intellectuals and political leaders under a hail of bullets This analysis based on the observation of the systemic and structural violence against women generated … Continuer la lecture

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