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Captain Marvel story as a metaphor for cache peering

By Julie Debaveye Following capture by skrull Rogue, Captain Marvel has lost access to the emotional bonds linked to her memories due to the inability of her peers to restaure a back up. CAPTAIN MARVEL – Escaping Skrulls from Federico … Continuer la lecture

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Radiography of an AI

The antic Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has moved into the cloud and colonized every spaces of the beyond, from waters to skies, with wireless and waves technologies that they call « emergent » or « transformative ». Thus the AI industry is now almost … Continuer la lecture

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Soros lobbying at Brussels

In the serie, the guys who think that because they are multi-millionaires they can buy everything. Preparing the ground for the european elections of 2019 : list of the 226 MEPs being allies of the Open Society

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