Google the beast

The Google « Amazing Spider-Man Web Shooter » used to blast web missiles and targets pretendingly for videogames

At the time when authorities and media are denouncing Google’s silencing practices over their employees, it is necessary to remind that Google has no administrative authority so we don’t really need the employees’ knowledge to kill Google, the beast. Law will suffice.

Just breaking into the house and taking the material away to then analyze the algorithms should be enough to prove them guilty. Authorities can also force cooperation by Court, like in the criminal cases.

It looks like lawmakers are wrapped into Google’s hand.

In general, the best way to access credible information is not by asking to whose corrupting information.

Google do trick the numbers and do bias the contents, and they do it well.

It is not difficult, without regulation, to crypt the matrix with some lines of algorithms, linking tags people are typing with their ads or cheating referencing, to abuse of corporate policies and guidelines and to finally exclude contents, any nuisance or rival, with or without people’s knowledge and consent. They don’t need our consent.

Through data access and political manoeuvring, they have a dominion over the web and over the content production on platforms and interfaces of knowledge production, as well as over our living and our daily lives, cracking access into cars, trucks and planes traffic – and why not rockets.

They do collaborate extensively with YT, Facebook and partners as well as with content producers to kill the alternative market and our resilient networks.

Google executives are complete deviants for real, not a legend, as wicked and corrupted as said, with private parties filled with models and sex workers, traffickants and so on. There is no innocence in them in spite of what they pretend. They have a complete despise for users and rivals.

Google harass and cyberstalk competitors intensively, monitoring them, hacking until their houses, private spaces and personal hobbies with the help of intrusive technology as drones or satellites.

They use retaliation, threats, scams, impersonations and sex abuses against targets that they literally bomb, and of course use lots of computerized manipulation, that are not necessarily clever but efficient on the naive mind of someone not paying much attention to the background, chatting with friends with an ambient music or simply relaxing at home, in brief happy people living their own life.

At the opposite, Google people have war in the mind. They commonly recruit warriors from conflicted countries as scientists or developers.

They not only use abusive practices. They destroy their targets’ lives.

Also, a big part of their profit – apart of dealing users’ private data with third parties – is crime as they are involved into financial frauds, trafficking, money laundering and tax evasions, if not war crimes and civilians targeting, when selling weapons to dictatures. They use their ads network and platforms as You Tube to recruit « players ».

It is going much further than the common knowledge says.

I can say more about it later. I have been observing them for two years along my practice as a data scientist and also as being a target of them as they started by infringing my PhD copyrights, several times, and then kept going through by interfering with my network and parasiting my business. They also interfered with lawyers so I cannot make my claim heard.

Google is controlling the flows and networks of information, pushing their narratives and stories on to social media and through media sources and academia labs that they own (as Stanford, the MIT, Harvard, Chicago or Toronto schools), promoting their narrow values and dumb lifestyles, and of course damaging people’s trust and the public debate integrity.

Regarding of their claims of making the economy, well, they simply don’t. This is not an economy. They simply lie about everything, creating fake equivalences and false correlations, following their financial interests.

They could have recruited me or bought my skills and expertise – giving that they made use of my models – as a researcher, but they preferred exploiting me and my work through the impersonation of my online identity and personality furthering power abuse and discrimination – that are technics that they pretty much used for criminalizing innocents – labelling them as terrorists or spies – including for ICE, law enforcement and in war policies with the support of discriminative AI. I received numerous threats regarding my family and relatives, or my job.

I am not the only one but in my case things went pretty far and were intense. They consider people as their things, their belongings.

There is not play, no ruse, just cheat. For the sake of it seemingly. In person, pretty crap and arrogant, infatuated. And super needy. They need their targets that they keep targeting even when there is no purpose. They might be very alone which is not an excuse at all. It’s because they don’t trust anyone and have secrets that they cannot tell, obviously being a war criminal is not something that makes you very popular – so they stay alone.

And so are our media and institutions when doing nothing.

I think each of the claims should be thoroughly examined.

Google is the hand of corruption.

Big tech has to be withdrawn from any executive, judiciary or extra-judiciary powers or any form of authority, pressure or coercion over contents production and be put under the alertness of watch dogs (edit 10-15).

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