Societies of desinformation : how narratives of financial corruption serving US sovereignity might ruin the world

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The narratives of financial corruption and money laundering spread by powerful networks as Palantir for the account of corrupted states build the infrastructure of a corrupted economy that might be questionned and challenged for maintaining centralized relations of power with deep asymetries.

These narratives produce societies of desinformation by involving the participation of officials producers, media outlets and news rooms and proeminent leaders in social media for the massive hack of personal data and identity, unveiling the creepy relations of financial milieux with our political and social institutions.


If speculative finance, via some startup hubs for investment and banks networks share a good rate of responsibility in supporting institutional corruption and US sovereignity, corrupted institutions and state agents involved in money laundering also contribute to the perpetuation of  narratives of financial capitalism and symbolical productions aiming at deceiving through media and social networks. These narratives are encrypted in digital news, official and media stories to manipulate and interfere with public, foreign and political affair

It has been proved that CIA funded Palantir – used by intell agencies to track population – has ties and connections with the liberal establishment, anarcho-capitalists and leaders of the left propaganda, as Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and Palantir’s CEO, early Facebook investor, sold ex-Paypal and his smart set of algorithms to Pierre Omidyar, co-funder of Ebay, also owner of the Intercept (that is supposed to be a whistle blower) thus boss of Greenwald.

In fact, all these actors evolve in the same bubble. And this post wants to show how corrupted state agents and corporate media exaggerate political ideologies to serve their own economical and financial interests by supporting the views of their funders, partners and sponsors. By encouraging censure and repression, they spur the normalization of coercive politics and abusive policies.

Digital news producers as The Intercept, news rooms as The New York Times (family trust) or libertarian activists members of the Data & Society network (Center for Democracy & Technology, Center for Media Justice, Open Society Fund, the New York Times, the UNICEF…) are funded by the Omidyar, Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates Fundation and Microsoft among others to inject distorted realities in informational networks.

Having acknowledged that popular culture products and media contents are really powerful ways to indoctrinate the minds, Omidyar started to invest consequently in politics, media industry and civic tech aside of its activities in finance, by funding powerful organs of influence as the USAID or the Clinton global initiative during the 2016 elections as well as diverse range of media publications, extremist groups, NGOs and civic organizations.

By doing so, Omidyar networks created societies of desinformation with the use of chat bots, trolls, polls, manipulation, censure, social media campaigns and financial blackmail of retaliation over opponents.

These efforts made by the Omidyar network of permanating structures of hegemonic powers in which boards hold almost absolute control over their own company and employees but also over media outlets, news organizations and political institutions, have led to the massive corruption of the public affairs and public spheres and hacking of personal lives and online identities.

The direct implication and activism from groups of interests and lobbies instrumentalized by the partisan views and supporting their claims with dubious narratives based on inventions and defamations at Brussels import these networks of oppressive powers and financial collusion in Europe.

Lack of critical skills from polls to understand and critically analyze news and popular culture contents has played in favor of policies made to empoverish the forms of our collective knowledge leading to cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, thieves of identity and frauds, threatening the construction of an organically informed knowledge society, necessary to the regulation and protection of a desinterested global debate.

Media plurality, data bias and censure

Not to comment the effects of these deadly policies based on money laundering and corruption on media plurality, public policies and political freedom resulting from the disastrous governance of science and technology by the FBI-Omidyar-Palantir-Mercks-Airbus’ consortium in the US and in Europe, these policies are surely leading to war in the world by destroying the trust.

By extending its tentacles, the Omidyar network has increased censure and dictatorship against political dissents and critical researchers with subtile and above suspicion nets of news sources as The Intercept who had become really popular among whistle blowers as Snowden and Poitras around 2012.

By making use of political coercion, media pressure and censure against whose who oppose and denounce their financial deals – which led them for example to cut funds to various organizations and spread smearing campaigns – institutional corruption is reaching unpreceedings levels of frauds.

Top secret intelligence and state fundings coming from money laundering and criminal activities are growing to their highest level, both in private and public sectors, and are obviously mostly employed at tracking citizens and activities for surveillance and espionage. In order to be less trackable by accountable policies, this ‘black budget’ are then being dispatched between main players and big corps funded partners notably through encryption and blockchain technologies.

With the authoritarian structures of an archaic society – this society that never quite existed before aims at dividing those who can access material and symbolical power and those who remain out due to ‘invisible walls’ – this configuration of powers will cause the perpetuation of wars, conflicts and social regressions in the world.

The purpose of producing such an antagonistic symbolical and economical apparatus is to induce the feeling that two groups whose interests diverge are fighting. By maintaining divides and gaps among people, these propagandists encourage individuals in artificial battles and comments on conflicts and wars that do not quite concern them but better conceal global struggles for raising profits, artificial growth and geo-political power from speculation.

The informational arena will in this aspect approach the culture of criminality in the real estate or oil sectors. The internet communities will become completely biased and fooled by state funds injected in technology industry aiming at hacking people’s spaces illegally and exploiting their body of works.

What you see is not what you may think

We argued that some news producers employed by state and corporations intentionally maintain partisan ideologies vivid by encouraging artificial oppositions and conflicts in public discussion. By excluding people from public place and speech, by victimizing populations (with the anti-anti immigrant rhetorics for example) and by displacing groups, with the help of overcharged rhetorics that amplify conflicts and wars, they endanger the lives of children and women. They dismiss the potential for change and for endogenous emerging ecologies of wealth and cooperation.

The Palantir financial investments in fintech and pharmaceutics (implants and chips but also data manipulation of academic studies) as well as the high profits they make clearly show their goals and implications with financial mafias established in the US and elsewhere in Africa, Europe, Myanmar and India. Nevertheless governments and states are still working and making deals with Omidyar-Palantir’s networks.

As a coincidence, all these areas are dominated with political instabilities, conflicts and wars and striked by poverty, inequality and population displacements, supporting investments in cybersecurity business and banks.

Concomitantly Omidyar has been really active in tech, finance, media and education (or indoctrination) in Myanmar since 2015, right at the time when conflicts with local populations and persecution of the Roginhyan people started to arise. During that period, Omidyar network massively funded (and silented) local leaders and NGOs on the ground as well as tech initiatives in finance.

Doesn’t his remember you of some guys? Yeah, the actions of the Clintons network and the foreign interferences in Afghanistan and Sudan (that was already Palantir by the way).

It is not hard to guess that their presence in conflictuous regions is linked to the activities of Palantir involved the displacement of the Roginhyan people with the firm analytical technology tools being specialized in tracking foreign populations, strategic places and resources for governmental agencies. Omidyar network act as an instrument of political propaganda serving the interests of the firm to extend its monopoly over the area.

Palantir also has been pressented to localize and map the 55,000 files and 183 CDs that Israeli leader Netanyahu claimed to have stolen from Teheran with the help of the Mossad intelligence on Iran nuclear power and informations about building a bomb (Just like with Irak).

On the basis of these allegations and to pretendingly protect the US national security, Palantir and partners have deployed 60 probes in Iran to steal classified documents and collected informations through social media feeds and via satellite images, nurturing the conflict between Iran and Israel.

Intelligence expertise gives Palantir a kind of transcendental authority on governmental agencies for supposedly owning control over information better than them. The case is that they make use of false assumptions, fake news and desinformations to reach their goals, contributing to undermine Palantir’s integrity regarding of security and peace building.

Of course, it is concerning because it is not only occuring in the US but also in Europe via lobbyism and local corruption. In France, Thales is pressented to clone Palantir’s services for populations’ surveillance and repression, Airbus to track people at borders; in Germany, Mercks to track patients’ data,…and by a myriad of other medium players in the startup bubble privately funded.

Counter mapping connections of crime and money laundering

American foreign politics portrayed into news rooms as the Wapo, the New York Times, the Times, the WSJ or The Economist are like watching finals between Ma Long and Fan Zhendhong so let’s introduce a bit of nuance in these deadly policies with more defined and accurate regimes of news production.

Mapping connections of corruption and dirty money allow us to modelize some critical constructs to debunk the financial narratives that create false consciousness, desinformation, fake assumptions and real wars and conflicts.

A Bloomberg journalist wrote that Palantir « combs through disparate data sources—financial documents, airline reservations, cellphone records, social media postings—and searches for connections that human analysts might miss. It then presents the linkages in colorful, easy-to-interpret graphics that look like spider webs. », but we have to point too that, in addition, Palantir mostly works hard at producing « ideologized » representations designed to deceive to cover up the laundering of dirty money.

Aside of developping cyber tracking tools for analytics and intelligence services, they have deployed an arsenal of sophisticated ways of controlling and manipulating public opinion through the use of media, institutions and popular contents.

To counter this process of subjugations from our infrastructures and ecologies to US sovereignity and US financial interests, we need to deploy, not only solutions and tracking devices, but most of all, a counter-mapping expertise deployed within long term partnerships and programs to better help at taking informed decisions.

To access the map, see below :

Double agents : Palantir’s ties with colluded politics, media, universities and lawmakers

By Julie Debaveye, June 2018

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