Radiography of an AI

AI surveillance

The antic Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has moved into the cloud and colonized every spaces of the beyond, from waters to skies, with wireless and waves technologies that they call « emergent » or « transformative ». Thus the AI industry is now almost 100% colonized by mafia, bots and corrupted agents.

Let’s be clear. Moving from ground to cloud is merely ideologic, a basic translation from a physical space to the virtual as they are not changing the forms. Same stakeholders are switching from desk to VR, merely moving their ass from office to elevator. So there’s no revolution there.

The terms are tags they find in recent researches and spoliate, disregardless of copyrights and non-commercial licenses, to insert into their narratives, to fool society and to let them think they’re investing into clean or slow technologies.

In fact, most of the money comes from financial capitalism and serves for money laundering criminal activities and dirty army business at borders or in house when it’s directed against social or political activists, blacks, immigrants and women and whistleblowers.

There are also issues regarding of money laundering via screen societies, academic labs and charities funded by private companies as Palantir, Google, Amazon or Facebook. They commonly use their wives, partners or accomplices for laundering their shit. Terrorists have proven adept at keeping their financial links intact.

The problem is that they can operate hands free because people are completely fooled and manipulated about these fictional narratives.

cloud industrial complex uses weapons against civilians as swarming attack tactics against private individuals. Swarming attacks are simultaneous attack tactics from many to one directed at targeted individuals by means of social media, smearing campaigns, physical or emotional abuse and harassment with energy weapons technologies.

As I have been noticing, they put energy weapons in big cases they bring with them, so it’s pretty much noticeable.

I have myself been the target of these attacks while being an academic and independent researcher since 2010 for denouncing real estate and aviation corruption and AI unethical projects. It aims at causing stress and confusion to directed attack targeted individuals.

I pointed many of these facts already in my observations of mafia war tactics during a year long immersion in the AI community of Montreal (added to several years in academia) when an alumni of the Startup Fest and Centech, via the program of mentoring of the CCMM (2017).

Of course I didn’t have the entitlements and authorizations to access documents and data and I was silented by the vicious attacks of the groups involved, but all my intuitions have been confirmed.

The DARPA experiments program has been raising funds from the CIA (In-Q-Tel) for conducting experiences, experiments and scenarios in « no man’s lands » but I suspect that these are code names to design specific topographies of crimes for communicating between themselves.

The Waterfront Alphabet managed project in Toronto is one example of these blurring toponomies between real and virtual. Years ago as a researcher, I wrote about the syndrom of Truman show delusion (Debaveye, 2012) – Don’t you use my findings against me you dumbs – and I tended to think, as most of my academic peers, that it was a symptom of depression but it’s not, it’s like this, everything is fake from our political structures, political parties, main industry and banks to startup, education and media, and even charities as Amnesty or political mobs.

As many knows, Google, Amazon and Palantir work closely with the FBI, the State and ally governments to target individuals with intelligence, tracking operations and social influence.

Collaterally, these technologies are also being used for mass deportations by Palantir and Amazon (Amazon being hosting of the CIA data in the cloud AWS) to jail and target « undesirables » with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (Mijente, the National Immigration Project, and the Immigrant Defense Project), like in the Myanmar crisis.

At the day I write, we have no precisions about the class of persons who are considered as « undesirables » if it’s terrorists or persons damaging their business.

Amazon rekognition programs raised controversies with a highly biased system of facial recognition causing 40% errors in matching faces, mistaking 28 members of Congress for terrorists, notably when they’re women and persons of color.

Governments are using these tools for tracking and attacking citizens by granting access to personal databases they conglomerate in mega-databases.

Energy weapons allow the cloud industrial complex to detect any presence, see people in motions through walls or use radiowaves for brain capture of memories, emotions and thoughts with the BCI (Brain Computer Interaction).

To resume, AI is what it’s programmed to be : artificial.

And I can give some tips : there’s no space left as they also invaded culture and nature! And now we can only rely on Soros to save us : the most vibrant voices raising in social media to criticize AIs are lusting on Congress Seats for Liberals, and once in there, they’ll do everything the same because they also use AIs to play the music.

And there will be no more options than choosing between plague and cholera.

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