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My position is not ‘counter’-terrorism because I am wondering counter what? In a situation where it is not very clear who is the terrorist organization in-between a corrupted state at the orders of criminal mafias assassinating populations and local populations with illegally funded militias, whose trying to merely save their lives like it’s been the case in Syria or Yemen, legitimate violence (Debaveye, 2012) and terrorism, there is a huge gap.

In spite of many authoritative speeches, taking thousands of lives in unjustified wars in which no rules are obeyed is not a good justification to the ways our governments are acting on the battlefield. We lack the credible sources to convince us that the governments actions are for the good. We observe a deficiency of historical paths allowing to determine the social dynamics leading to their actions.

Air strikes target as often random citizens than terrorists and destroy local goods, civic facilities and infrastructures that are long to reconstruct. 400 000 Syrians including 115 000 civilians, 22 000 children and 13 000 women (« only » 67 000 were actual jihadists) and 100 000 Yemeni have died in war. In Syria or Yemen, more innocent lives have been taken than jihadists’ lives — if at least they were proper jihadists as we could not verify the classified informations per causa of so-called ‘national security’ or ‘critical threat’.

Abuses by forces of arms are common. In Yemen, according to report by the media center of Southern province, 212 crimes have been perpetrated in the last two months. The crimes range from assassinations, arrests, looting state funds and property, organized extortion by force of arms in checkpoints and public roads, war crimes, raids on houses and shops and kidnapping of citizens : ‘The crimes of blackmail by force of arms ranked third with 23, at a rate of 10.8%, and armed clashes came fourth with 21, at a rate of 9.4% of the total number of recorded crimes’. The report states that ‘assassinations ranked first with 32 crimes, at a rate of 15.1%, followed by attacks on unarmed civilians by pro-aggression militias with 27 crimes, at a rate of 12.7%’. In Iran, the target killing of top scientists in the last decade by Israel occur more often than not. We seem to observe a naturalization of such crimes in the name of ‘peace’.

Ceased-fired and peace agreements are regularly broken by internationally backed-up abusive powers as Saudi Arabia or US forces, in violation of the law.

The Taliban claimed that Americans have launched attacks on Helmand province off the battlefield, killing 18 civilians including Taliban fighters, and wounding three others last night. The US attack destroyed Taliban strongholds and civilian residential places were also damaged. These kind of approximations led to the murdering of many civilians who have absolutely nothing to see with war, and are a clear violation of the Peace agreement.

A Taliban spokesperson claimed that people were attacked 7 times during the evacuation process after the initial hit while trying to evacuate the dead corpses and wounded people (AVA). An Afghan fighter was also stabbed to death by an unknown man in Kabul.

Many reports have shown that populations are subjected to torture like report about Palestinians children detained in solitary confinement in Israel with a complete absence of regulation and control put in place by our international organizations and western governments.

Same thing in Afghanistan as check points become the enabling entrance for violence.

Amnesty created a new commission in Afghanistan « for the prompt establishment of the mechanism to ensure that it thoroughly, impartially and transparently investigates threats and attacks against human rights defenders, and, where necessary, provides adequate protection measures that should include relocation, relief and psychosocial support. » (AVA).

Crimes of torture against detainees in secret occupation prisons in many places around the world are also on the verge. By denying some truths, the executive authorities are seemingly giving a free hand to pure madness and mental cruelty. In this context, the lines are blurring between what is true attacks or the right to self-defend against the abuses committed by forces of arms.

Very rare is the possibility to evaluate and critically analyze the information given by the authorities, the Army and local and foreign security forces in times of war because we independent researchers cannot go on site and everything is done to restrict us access; but governments seem at least to have not any problem at tricking numbers, changing information and blatently disinforming with lies.

Victims of abuses cannot properly report crimes and exactions they are exposed to because it is committed by extraordinary powers in extra-judicial secretive places, at borders or in situations of conflicts and displacement.

Oppressive governments involved into conflicts don’t seem to have been able to provide any substantial amount of research, documented informations and findings corroborating their views and actions, to justify their radical, approximative, often ideologized and incomplete positions in order to give us an account of their science on which to base our judgements.

Critical researchers are along populations exposed to many abuses that have been repeatedly denounced by Amnesty as repression, taking form of tracking, physical aggression, energy war and psychological torture to prevent us from giving accurate accounts of documented reports, which contributes to empower State strategic disinformative campaigns. State is by no means above any suspicion or of any superior moral authority as many scandals of collusion show, and might be subjected to evaluation and inquiry as well.

With secretive war deals of arms sales and intelligence that involve the states of Israel, France, US, UK, Russia or Germany, they have generated a billions of dollars economy to counter terrorism in places where displaced populations are feeding the business of human trafficking and sex trafficking of women and children. Their views and perspectives might be biased by profits as well as many NGOs and companies working locally or globally on to these processes.

It is absolutely obvious that wars are not benefiting local populations or anyone else in this world than power and global finance so putting on an agenda of secretive war criminalizing populations, critics or dissents is not acceptable. They roll gullible people in flour.

We are not innocent enough to mistake what often reveals to be criminality or legitimate violence with organized and motivation-based terrorism. We will not give names to what some interested third parties involved into conflicts of interest are a bit too prompt into calling terrorism. Do you find that offering slavery is a real option? No of course.

I am dealing with the issue ‘terrorism’ so far, as objectively as possible, not taking sides abruptly, due to the many contexts in which the situation is clearly abusive in regards of local populations, local powers, human rights defenders and investigative researchers. Due to many infringements and violations, peace processes might be permanently savaged by such abuses. We need more thorough through analysis from militantism experts to see who is the attacker and where it starts (or ends) and what are the motivations behind the scene and the causes of engaging into random acts of violence, be it from the authoritative global power or the local power.

Like for any issue of science and technology, our cultural perceptions that frame our decisions are influenced by our social surroundings and our cultural preferences; they might thus be subjected to variations as diverse as the situations encountered, so only a reasonably grounded dialogue, based on an existing level and attested level of expertise as shown by previous scientific publications and reports can reestablish and secure that peace processes are not colonized by whose having economical, political or personal interests in mind (See my thesis dissertation research questions, Debaveye, 2012).

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