The US government wants to use social media platforms for the surveillance of non US citizens


Why you should stop using social media :

The US government’ plans to use Facebook, Twitter and Google for the surveillance and political targeting of non US citizens

Following my precedent post about social media that was questioning a dissymetry of access and powers in between users, and specifically US citizens and non US citizens, I have been watching closely the talks between Facebook’s Sandberg and Twitter’s Dorsey and the Congress following the accusations of foreign interference and bias.

It resulted from the watching/hearing that the debate that was supposed to question foreign interference through bias and manipulation finally evolved around the issue of the American National Security and discussed the possibilities of profiling the non US citizen users in the context of a cold war against Russia through social media surveillance, notably through the intervention of Mr Wyner.

If the US government really gets to manage through the negociations with owners to have a closer role in the regulation of Facebook and Twitter’s processes of control over information, we might fear that social media are soon going to be used as spying programs on the behalf of the US government for the monitoring of the political and economical activities of the non US citizens.

Following this document, and once the law of non foreign political interference would be amended, a non american citizen could be tracked, unauthorized to make political comments on the platform contrarian to the American politics, and monitored for suspicious activities, which obviously will give unpreceedents powers to the Justice Department for control and censorship of the non american populations’ digital communications.

Politically, this document is the sign of a new escalation in the program of the US mass surveillance, showing the explicit ambitions of the US government to conduct advanced and aggressive politics of belligerence and tactics of warification against non US citizens, even if the position of the Congress is not clear yet regarding of such prerogatives.

Keeping using social media, products and services owned by American corporations will put Europeans users at risk with an interception of their personal communications and industrial plans and documents for the purpose of a massive surveillance by the CIA, FBI and NSA as not only Russians citizens but all non US citizens are targeted.

I think if it has to be discussed, researchers and analysts from other geopolitical areas should join the table to share their viewpoints as the perceptions of threat from the US intelligence agencies seem to be highly biased by conservative ideas, cold war sentiments and post-9/11 terror.

Meanwhile, awaiting clarifications from the main actors, I encourage caution about the confidentials informations and social interactions that can be stolen and used for political profiling, targeted and mass surveillance and industrial spying by the US government.

The question is to know if the interests for the national security and its tactics of criminalization and victimization of non US citizens will prevail on the interests for the global peace and collaborative economy in which case we will have to take appropriate measures to protect emerging markets as well as local producers from the US imperialism.


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